Play and Catch Up Program

Education | May 28, 2017 | Volunteer Event

This program is designed for the group of learners that needs literacy enhancement the most. They come from different grade levels but they are homogenized by common limitations as identified during the diagnostic examination. Basically, the program aims to guide the learners in exploring how the alphabet are combined to form syllables, from syllables to words with regular syllables up to the complex ones.

Since it is an after school program and scheduled every Sunday, it is very important that the following points are considered;
It’s supposedly children’s time to play
It is a break from 5 days in school traditional set up
The day after is a busy day in school (assignments check, submission of projects etc.) that should be accomplished during weekends

I can safely say that PAC considered all these points. Various forms of arts and 
kinesthetic al activities like singing, drawing, acting and especially playing will be
utilized as vehicles to learning. Being said that, learners will be provided with opportunity to learn while enjoying. 

The flow of session comprise s 
Introduction (a huddle part)
Play And (learning springboard) 
Connect ( literacy enhancement part)
B- Homework / School Project Help

Now, rest assured that learners will go to school the next day more prepared and eventually will develop self confidence and high appreciation to education. Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC) hopes that both the children and their families will make believe that education is the only tool to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Knowledge is wealth anyway. 

I am inviting all of you to participate this coming Sunday. Please confirm your attendance or you may text to 
Chad Cocjin at 0917.726.7146 or Ly Ann Agulan at 0905.177.5786. 

Meeting place: Mcdonald's LRT1 Tayuman station at 7:00Am- 07:30am

Brgy. 128 Balut Tondo Manila

May 28, 2017

08:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Progressive Assistance Canada Charity

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Goal: 15


14 more volunteers needed

Event Done