Watch Baby Grow and Watch Toddler Blossom

Health & Well-being | May 04, 2019 | Volunteer Event

Science has indicated that a child's initial development phase can have lasting effects throughout his or her life. This is why we place an emphasis on the basic needs of infants and toddlers at-risk for malnutrition living in depressed Filipino communities.

Through our Watch Baby Grow and Watch Toddler Blossom programs (newborns to 12 month-olds and 13-48 month-olds, respectively), we ensure the healthy physical and psychological development of our beneficiary babies through a range of activities. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting new mothers, providing babies with a continuous supply of nutrients specific to their age, and arranging regular visits by medical professionals.

In accordance with the Filipino National Medical Growth Standard, our Growth Measurements Program, which tracks baby size and weight, helps to ensure that all our babies and toddlers are growing and developing at a healthy rate.


1) Assist in the distribution of milk, cereal and multivitamins
2) Assist in the weight monitoring of our 19 beneficiaries (infants and toddlers)

3) Document and capture photographs during the program
* No specific requirements needed but specialties in the health industry is very much appreciated

We also accept generous sponsorships of 750 PHP or $25 CAD every 4 weeks includes monthly distributions of powdered milk, cereal, multivitamins (age dependent), and access to professional medical care. These are all distributed during this volunteer opportunity.

Should you have questions or other inquiries, please contact:

Hope at 0956 3880 339

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Brgy. 128, Balut, Tondo

May 04, 2019

09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Progressive Assistance Canada Charity

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