[Operation: Christmas Elf] Kitchen Utensils to Help Mang Urot's Soup Kitchen

Poverty Alleviation | Nov 30, 2014 | Volunteer Event

Be the Christmas elf for Mang Urot's Soup Kitchen!

We are looking for ONE (1) Christmas Elf who will bring Christmas to the homeless and the hungry in Quezon City.

If you click "Count Me In," here's what will happen:

You will be Mang Urot's Christmas Elf! You (with your family, colleagues, or friends) will be giving kitchen utensils and implements that will be used during the weekly soup kichen in Quezon City. 

You are requested to donate:

  1. 1000 pairs of disposable spoons and forks
  2. 50-100 soup bowls (non-disposable)
  3. 2 or more portable water dispensers/jugs
  4. 1 or more foldable table
  5. Container boxes for their utensils
An optional choice is that you may also sponsor one (1) meal to feed 40-50 people during Mang Urot's weekly feeding program (estimated cost is Php 1,000-1,500 for the meal).

Once you sign up, iVolunteer will contact you for more details.

Why is this gift important?

Every Friday and Sunday, Mang Urot feeds about 40 to 50 people in Quezon City expensed from his own pocket or from donations from friends. Sometimes due to the busy activities during setting up the soup kitchen, kitchen utensils get lost or broken. Sometimes, lack of utensils hinders Mang Urot from providing food to a few or he is forced to go to a nearby grocery to buy the utensils on the spot. This gift will definitely help Mang Urot to continue his advocacy. 

We hope that this season you and your loved ones CHOOSE to give hope to the people who need it the most :) HOHOHO!

[Image] 1000 pairs of disposable spoons and forks, 50-100 soup bowls (non-disposable), 1 or more portable water dispensers/jugs, 1 or more foldable table, Container boxes for their utensils

Happy holidays,
iVolunteer Santa

This is part of the Operation: Christmas Elf project, where people can choose to give hope to the people who need it the most by sponsoring their wishlist this Christmas. To find out more about Operation: Christmas Elf, visit http://bit.ly/OperationElf 


Quezon City

Nov 30, 2014

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM



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