[Operation: Christmas Elf] Christmas Party Prizes for the Kids of He Cares Foundation

Children & Youth | Dec 06, 2014 | Volunteer Event

Be the Christmas elf for the kids of He Cares Foundation!

We are looking for ONE (1) Christmas Elf who will bring Christmas to the kids of He Cares Foundation.

If you click "Count Me In," here's what will happen:

You will be He Cares Foundation's Christmas Elf! You (with your family, colleagues, or friends) will make He Cares Foundation's Christmas party a fun-filled, memorable event for the kids by providing prizes and gifts.

You will need to:

  1. Provide christmas giveaways/gifts for each of the thirty-nine (39) kids. [estimated cost: Php 3,000-Php 4,000]
  2. Provide at least ten (10) prizes for the games during the party [estimated cost: Php 1,000-Php 2,000]

You are also invited to the party with the kids!

For questions, please e-mail us at contactus@ivolunteer.com.ph. Once you sign up, iVolunteer will contact you for more details.

Why will this gift will be good for the kids?

One of the programs of He Cares Foundation is what they call Voluntutorials where volunteers organize study sessions for the kids every first and third Saturday of the month. The aim is to teach them their lessons and help them with their assignments.

Aside from helping them intellectually, voluntutors also help them build their confidence by mingling with other people. Most of these kids just want someone who will listen to their stories and encourage them that learning can be enjoyable. In Voluntutorials, He Cares believes that building the children’s confidence can lead them to a better future.

Since it's Christmas, the organizers of Voluntutorials wanted to reward the kids with a Christmas party. But they need a little help from volunteer elves to sponsor the kids’ giveaways and prizes for their party games. It’s one way of encouraging kids that learning is not just reading and solving math equations, it can also be educational games that involve toys and festivities! This will also help the kids look forward to the season of sharing and appreciate the joy of giving.

We hope that this season you and your loved ones CHOOSE to give hope to the people who need it the most :) HOHOHO!

Happy holidays,
iVolunteer Santa

This is part of the Operation: Christmas Elf project, where people can choose to give hope to the people who need it the most by sponsoring their wishlist this Christmas. To find out more about Operation: Christmas Elf, visit http://bit.ly/OperationElf

He Cares Looban, Brgy. Bungad, Quezon City

Dec 06, 2014

12:00 PM - 03:30 PM



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