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Disaster Preparedness & Response | Sep 21, 2020 | Volunteer Event

CDRC, with the generous assistance of its partners, was able to distribute COMMODITY VOUCHERS or CASH ASSISTANCE to beneficiaries in disaster affected areas. Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) was done through interviews with beneficiaries. The videotaped interviews were done in the local language so it has to be translated to English for subtitles to be incorporated in the video. These documentaries will be sent to our local and international donors and partners. These will also be posted in our website/facebook account.

The Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) interview is one way of documenting the impact of CDRC’s assistance to those severely affected by disasters. Through these documentaries our donors, partners and those who will view it will have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the assistance was delivered and how it has impacted the lives of those who received it.


What can I do?

Video Editor will:

  • Edit both short- and long-form video to create inspiring stories/documentaries showing the impact of CDRC’s assistance to those severely affected by disasters
  • Develop and create videos that will help the organization’s campaign regarding disaster management.

These documentaries also help in raising awareness on the real situation of vulnerable sectors in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas in country. We need these documentaries to serve as testimonies of our effort to reach the most affected and least served during disasters.


How can you be a video editor?  

We will send you a soft copy of the interview transcript with the translation that will be incorporated in the video documentary. You will be responsible in putting the subtitles on the video material. You can also put some clips for making it more interesting and lively to watch.


What do I need?

Desktop or laptop with appropriate programs needed to put in the subtitles in the video documentary.

An open mind and lots of enthusiasm will help keep you going!


What do I get for being a volunteer video editor?

As a CDRC volunteer, you will be part of a team that prepares information, education campaign materials. You will be helping raise awareness on disaster situation, response and impact of assistance to beneficiaries. This is a big contribution to our efforts in building the capacities of vulnerable communities, increasing the disaster preparedness of vulnerable sectors and thus strengthening disaster resilient communities. You will be able to help non-vulnerable sectors channel their resources and contribute in this endeavor. Aside from being able to help vulnerable sectors even before disasters happen, as CDRC volunteer will be able to attend a Disaster Management Orientation and earthquake preparedness orientation, all for free. You can learn more and be prepared for disasters, for free!


Sep 21, 2020

08:00 AM - 08:00 AM


Joanna Rodrin

0927 987 0903


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