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Volunteerism | Dec 03, 2020 | Volunteer Event

📢 Make impact from home!

Be part of the movement and join #Re_action, a program designed for everyday citizens to help those who need it most - all from their sofa!

Re_action is a program that gives you concrete objectives and actions to take during this important period, to help vulnerable people deal with the situation we are currently experiencing.

Together with the Supermobilizers and other volunteers, we will guide you in taking action to provide support in the theme of your choice.

We have built this program with partner organisations that are currently heavily impacted by the crisis we are facing, and who are looking for volunteers to help them carry out their activities.

There are different themes that these organisations are acting around: access to water, housing, job security, hygiene, food security, education, the environment, and supporting our frontliners, or providing mental health support.

Within each theme, there is a list of easy-to-complete actions that you can choose to carry out, directly from your home!

Here are some example missions that have been done before:

- design content and infographics on preventive measures for communities
- organize an online fundraising concert to provide free water to families
- create a community of mental health advocates
- make psychological aid accessible
- connect unemployed Filipinos to job opportunities
- pool in-kind donations of food and clothing to children in urban poor areas
...and more!

Throughout the program, you will be accompanied by a special coordinator: a makesense Supermobilizer who will give his/her time and energy to make sure the program runs smoothly.

Here is the program in more details:

📞 a kick-off session (online!)
📅 one collective call to break down the objectives and support you in reaching them
💬 a dedicated whatsapp group per theme, where your makesense supermobilizer will guide you in taking action and where you can ask all your questions

This should take you around one hour per day from Monday to Friday of each week!

Join a dynamic community building solutions for fundamental needs 🚀

NOTE: Separate communication will be sent out for orientation details. Please expect an email from the makesense representative by December 3 for the zoom link orientation.

✏️ Join us today. Choose your theme and sign up here!
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Dec 03, 2020

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Makesense Organization

Allyana Geronimo



Goal: 40


37 more volunteers needed

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