Volunteer This Ability

| Jul 01, 2021 | Volunteer Event

Volunteer This Ability, an employee engagement, and volunteerism program by PIN, matches Persons with Disability in employment, and seeking for employment to professionals that can help them navigate their employment journey, learn new skills, and connect with peers, and professionals. 

All volunteer mentors are asked to commit a minimum of 4.5 hours.Volunteers will be asked to attend a 1.5-hour Disability Sensitivity Training to discuss foundational concepts on disability, and the volunteer program. After the training, volunteers need to schedule three (3) 1-hour sessions within a 3-month period with their assigned mentee. Volunteers have the option of teaming up with one (1) co-volunteer, so we can have two (2) mentors supporting 1 Person with Disability mentee. 

Those signing up with a co-volunteer need to fill out this Google Form to allow the organizing team to properly match you with your co-volunteer - https://bit.ly/VTASignUp. Please note that both you, and your mentoring partner should accomplish this link for proper verification.

The mentorship sessions follow a structure that supports its participants to identify their strengths, areas for improvement, and career goals, and provide a safe space for the mentees to practice effective self-advocacy through the support of their volunteer mentors. Mentors will be provided a copy of a toolkit that will serve as their reference in conducting the sessions. Once the volunteer mentor/s completes their hours, they may opt to continue with the mentorship or conclude it.

Three Phases of the Program

Phase 1: Understand

Volunteers will be required to attend the Disability Sensitivity Training (DST), a 1.5 hour session which aims to orient volunteers on fundamental concepts on disability, and to help start off their engagement with PIN and the disability sector.

Phase 2: Interact

Committed volunteers will facilitate the three (3) 1-hour guided sessions that support the career development, and self-advocacy capabilities of Persons with Disability mentees. Volunteers must provide feedback to the host organizations about their experience through a mentorship tracker provided by PIN. PIN will also provide toolkits for the guided sessions, as support.

Phase 3: Support

This phase asks for a decision if the mentor would like to continue keeping in touch with their mentee. This aims to provide the option to:

  • Continue, within their own personal time and capacity, meeting with their assigned mentee, and/or
  • Support their mentee through donations to PIN that will help PIN facilitate additional opportunities for education, employment, and training of Persons with Disability

Organization Background

Project Inclusion Network (PIN), a nonprofit organization which aims to contribute to a society where we realize the potential of Persons with Disability to participate and contribute to their respective communities. PIN believes that when Persons with Disability have access to opportunities, we build a more inclusive and barrier-free Philippines.

Website: https://projectinclusion.ph/

The Aster Business Centre Mandala Park

Jul 01, 2021

08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Project Inclusion Network

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