Campaign and Fundraising Activities

Community Development, Electrification & Energy, Indigenous Peoples | Sep 26, 2021 | Volunteer Event

SOLAR Hope’s Tanglaw Project is now under Batch 4 which aims to light up more than 400 homes of marginalized communities through Solar Home Systems and to give hope to community champions during this pandemic. With a lot of tasks and responsibility for the coming opportunities, we need your help to make this support possible! 

If you have the skills in communication, strategic planning, human development or any related skills, you can reach us at and , or email us at and we will gladly schedule a virtual meeting with you to discuss about the volunteering opportunity. Together, let us become beacons of hope!


Campaign and Fundraising Activities

General Responsibility:

  • Encourage more people to become beacons of hope and respond to the call to action to support SOLAR Hope.

Campaign Component:

  1. Core group for promotions, documentation, pubmats and videos
  2. Manage social media, news, website and other communication channels

Fundraising Component:

  1. In charge of organizing activities to raise funds either for a specific community or for SOLAR Hope as a whole
  2. Develop a calendar of fundraising activities and work plan
  3. Review regularly the fundraising programs

Online Zoom Meeting

Sep 26, 2021

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Hannah Grace Bielza



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