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| Apr 23, 2022 | Volunteer Event

Progressive Assistance Canada Charity (PAC) is a Canadian-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in the Philippines, seeking to alleviate the cycle of poverty in the most vulnerable and disenfranchised Filipino Barangays (communities). Addressing the root causes of the cycle of poverty, our programs are based on holistic systems-based approaches towards sustainable development.

We have 2 programs that focus on education. Knowledge is Wealth Scholarship Sponsorship Program (KW Scholars) helps provide the students with gadgets and mobile data load for their online classes during the pandemic. Play And Catch-up (PCU) is a weekly fun and learning session with the kids. Currently, this is still done virtually, but pre-pandemic, it was done onsite.



We’re looking for long-term, committed volunteers to help us in the implementation of these programs.

We need volunteers who can be responsible for at least one of the following:

  • Weekly sending of mobile prepaid load to the scholars
  • Weekly management of resources/volunteers schedule for the weekly PCU. Ensure that there are available materials and volunteers to the upcoming session.
  • Collecting and updating scholars’ requirements and information when needed (Monthly/Quarterly). 
  • Monitoring the scholars’ attendance in PCU and reaching out to them when needed.
  • Optional - can volunteer as teachers, moderators, and/or module writers for PCU.

We’re planning to assign at least 2 persons per task to lighten the workload and make it more manageable for the volunteers.


More details will be shared during the orientation on April 23.

Should you have questions or other inquiries, please contact:

Gessie at 09151589801



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