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Poverty | Jun 15, 2015 | Volunteer Event

DURATION June 15 - July 15 2015

Understand the importance of marketing to the success of organizations? Interested in or wanting to branch out to nonprofit marketing? Why not help us engage more Filipinos and rally them around building resilience to disasters?

ACCORD has just recently celebrated 5 years of conducting humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction projects across the country. We dream of a resilient Philippines, whose citizens are not as vulnerable to disasters. But in order to truly make a dent, we must be able to engage and involve more sectors in our work. It takes a man, a woman - actually everyone - pitching in for that dream.

We are looking for a volunteer with knowledge and experience in marketing, particularly in branding and positioning. We would like your help in evaluating our brand and recommending improvements. Having a clearly defined brand would help our organization and its mission resonate with more people who would want to help.

We are a nonprofit organization with limited resources and marketing-related experience. The schedule is flexible, and most of the work can be done even when you are at home. You would not only be honing your skills further, but also supporting a worthy cause. Volunteer with us!

Sign-up now at and email your resume to We will get back to you with more details shortly.


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Unit 104 Casa Rafael Building, 1223 Quezon Ave, Brgy Sta Cruz, Quezon City (beside Folded & Hung outlet store)

Jun 15, 2015

09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

ACCORD Incorporated


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