Saturday Feeding and Brain Booster Program!

Education, Volunteerism | Jul 16, 2022 | Volunteer Event

Feeding and Brain Booster Program is BACK!

Saturday is art day in Project Pearls! After the feeding program for around 300 kids, we have brain booster sessions focused on arts and crafts. These activities allow the kids to hone their creativity while developing a love for Filipino arts and culture.

We invite you to join the feeding and brain booster program in the community of Helping Land, Tondo! We serve hearty meals (such as champorado, rice with viand, pansit, bread, and banana) in the feeding program. The kids also sing and dance their hearts out after the meals! It is definitely a unique exercise that is good for both kids and adults!

As a volunteer, you will be assigned to any of the following tasks: food preparation, set-up, serving, and cleaning up. You will also be a “Teacher-for-a-day” as you will be assisting the kids with the art activity!


Join us every Saturday and show your love for the kids!

Meet-up Details: 7:30 am, in front of Inland Corp. gate,  Radial Road 10, Tondo (wait outside the gate and do not go in INLAND). Please follow the map so you won’t get lost:

Contact person: Ate Divine at 0917-436-5041or Ate Jonalyn at 0927-247-9837. Please message one of them at least a day before so you can be informed of any last-minute announcements. Kindly mention that you got her number from the iVolunteer website.

Once you are included to volunteer for this date, it is already given that you may attend. No need to wait for a text message for another confirmation.


       1. For commute: 

         Get off at LRT-1 Tayuman Station  
         Ride Pritil Puregold jeepney   
         Get off at Puregold Pritil/Tayuman  
         Ride tricycle to Inland Corp. R-10
         Take a u-turn in front of Shell Gas Station w/ overpass in front  (tricycle fare is 50 pesos only)  
         Get off in front of Inland Corp. blue gate

       2. Please text Ate Divine at 0917-436-5041or Ate Jonalyn at 0927-247-9837 when you are already in front of Inland Corp. blue gate so our community volunteer will meet you. DO NOT GO IN. Just wait in the outside area. From there it will be a 5-minute walk to the Pearls courtyard.

       3. As a precautionary measure during this COVID-19 threat, we are checking all people entering the courtyard with an infrared thermometer. Please bring alcohol/alcogel. If you have a cold or cough, we discourage you from attending. 

       4. There is limited to no parking space in the area.

       5. Wear rain boots or footwear you can use for muddy areas.

Before volunteering with us, please first read our Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Volunteer Guidelines. And kindly fill out our Health Declaration Form at least two days before the outreach activity. 

Learn more about Project PEARLS:

Helping Complex, Temporary Housing, Brgy 105, Tondo, Manila

Jul 16, 2022

08:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Project PEARLS

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