Off-the-Grid Project: Gift Giving 2022

Elderly | Dec 27, 2022 | Volunteer Event

Josefheim Foundation shelters the poor, sick, and elderly. 

Hello, Lifters!

We are now back with our Off-the-Grid Project: GIFT GIVING 2022

When: December 27, Tuesday, 8 am

Where: Josefheim Foundation Inc @ Pililia Rizal

We were also conducting Christmas Party for the Elders.

We will have a program and also we will prepare lunch for them.

Help us on gathering cash donations to support our event.

You can also Sponsor-a-gift which you can give to them on the day of the event.


If you are interested and wish to know more about Gift Giving.

Message us.

See you on December 27 Lifters!

Sitio Labong, Bugarin, Halayhayin

Dec 27, 2022

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

We Lift Club




Goal: 10


5 more volunteers needed

Event Done