Help PWDs in Urban Poor Area

Persons with Disability | Sep 13, 2020 | Donation Program

The Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. is seeking donations to be used for buying relief goods (e.g. food packs and hygiene kits) for their beneficiaries. For years, Grain has advocated to create a PWD friendly community. They have helped PWDs by providing trainings and helping them get employment by partnering with different sectors. However, with many businesses temporarily closed, many of Grain's beneficiaries are out of work.

YOU CAN NOW VOLUNTEER BY SHARING YOUR TREASURE to contribute to their response fund while STAYING SAFE AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card account and help the communities amid this pandemic crisis.

The Grain Foundation has always had education and enterprise in its core projects. This goes to show their belief that promoting independence and self-reliance among their beneficiaries is key in creating a PWD friendly community. But, these are extraordinary times. Grain needs your help in making sure their beneficiaries get through this. This pandemic is a trying period for all of us but even more so for the most vulnerable sectors of society. With your donation, we can help in making sure that no one gets left behind.

Grain Foundation for PWD Inc.

Sep 13, 2020


Vin dela Cruz



Goal: Php 20,000


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