Mobility Solution for Healthcare Facility Staff and Essential Workers During COVID-19

Livelihood & Employment | Dec 27, 2020 | Donation Program

Let’s help Bike for Philippines raise funds to provide the staff of healthcare facilities with quality bikes for their day-to-day transportation needs!

The current quarantine limitations set on transportation to ensure social distancing and contain the spread of the virus,  makes only a limited number of public transport services available to the public. This causes a huge segment of our healthcare facility staff, mostly comprised of commuters, to experience the challenge of reporting to work. Since this fight against COVID-19 has begun, the staff have worked tirelessly, risking their safety every day to report to work, to ensure the operations of healthcare facilities are maintained properly. 

Let us aid them in this fight by providing them bicycles to solve their basic transportation needs during this period of crisis. YOU CAN VOLUNTEER BY SHARING YOUR TREASURE to fund the bicycles while STAYING SAFE AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card account in our website. You also have the option to donate to iVolunteer Bank Account or GCash account. 


About Bike for Philippines                              

Bikes for the Philippines was established to bring donated, used bicycles to communities in need. Its current programs are focused on helping under-privileged students get to school easier. Children who come from low-income households, especially from rural areas, often have limited access to education. Check out the video link beside to get to know more.  

Bike For the Philippines

Dec 27, 2020


Abi Reyes


Goal: Php 150,000


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