Proyekto Barkada sa Pagbasa: Raise Funds for Assistive Technology to the Poor and Indigent Struggling Readers

Indigenous Peoples | Dec 27, 2020 | Donation Program



Education of our children should not stop even during the pandemic Covid-19. But without face to face learning, struggling or poor readers will have more difficulty with independent or self-learning modalities. Helping them cope through effective reading remediations will make them more active and productive Filipino learners.

Project BSP (Barkada sa Pagbasa) is a researched-based reading intervention proposed by Prescila Licupa of Baua National high School Gonzaga Cagayan. It was proven in her action research that reading with a near-peer with a well-sequenced reading activities could enhance the reading skills of the learners such as reading rate, decoding skills and understanding of text.

In this program, electronic books embedded in gadgets like tablet and projected with a projector make the Barkada sa Pagbasa applicable amidst Covid -19 pandemic. With gamified and interactive reading e-books, students are a lot interested to learn even without the teacher monitoring them. Since there is no face to face learning, they will do it in their homes or just along the neighborhood with their peers.

This project will be implemented among the struggling readers coming from marginalized families in Gonzaga, Cagayan including the Aeta community in Sitio CAPADECO, Cabiraoan, also located in Gonzaga, Cagayan.

Please volunteer by sharing your treasure to fund the needed materials for Project BSP such as projector, tablets (second hand gadgets are accepted), face masks, alcohol, and others. Project BSP relies on the help of the good-hearted donors in order to reach our children who are thirsty for more learning but hindered by poverty."


Pink Women on Fire

Dec 27, 2020


Abi Reyes


Goal: Php 100,000


Php 75,592 more donations needed