The Bunny Project: PPE Suits for Hospital Frontliners

Livelihood & Employment | Dec 27, 2020 | Donation Program



Hello Bunnies!!

As virus cases continue to rise each single day, The Bunny Project receives more and more pleas from almost 200 hospitals nationwide to provide frontliners with Bunny Suits (aka PPE suits made by PWD communities and unemployed youth groups). Doctors, nurses & frontliners that are fighting to save the lives of others amid the hazardous environment need these protection suits urgently. We are calling you to donate to provide these heroes Bunny Suits in this battle!

With so many people’s help, The Bunny Project has been able to distribute over 30,000 bunnies nationwide (plus a few other countries like Nigeria and the US)!!!  The Bunny Project started as a small & simple act of generosity from Katinko & Got Heart has rippled into a donation drive and a livelihood program that has benefitted over 200 sewers, PWDs and youth groups who needed jobs. It has become a beautiful bayanihan effort together with various sectors from different parts of the world helping us out: volunteers, old friends, new friends, corporate donors, individual donors, alumni groups, artists, musicians, videographers, data analysts, government, dressmakers, tailors, even frontliners themselves and their families - all coming together to offer an extra layer of protection to those that need them the most. 

One truth witnessed from such impossible feat: KINDNESS BEGETS KINDNESS. It would be impossible for The Bunny Project to deliver such an immense impact if not for the kindness of all the people who have extended their help. Whenever the bunny team feels tired, the team members empathize with the frontliners and are immediately filled with overwhelming gratitude for giving them the privilege of being at the back lines.

In partnership with The Bunny Project, iVolunteer, is calling for your help to raise funds for Bunny Suits that will protect these frontline heroes from infection of virus. They are now pleading for our help to save them so that they can save more lives. It’s our duty to head this urgent plea and contribute in whatever amount we can to help.


You can donate via credit card or deposit the amount to iVolunteer's BPI or GCash account and indicate The Bunny Project as beneficiary. We will update the progress bar to reflect your contribution to the campaign :)



The Bunny Project x Got Heart PH

Dec 27, 2020


Abi Reyes


Goal: Php 100,000


Php 81,842 more donations needed