Canned Goods for Progressive Assistance Canada

Volunteerism | Dec 11, 2020 | Donation Program

Isn’t it the greatest gift to be able to put a smile on children’s faces during this festive time of year? After all, Christmas is a holiday especially for the children. Let us make them understand its true essence which is the spirit of love and giving.

Progressive Assistance Canada hopes to obtain financial support so they can provide their beneficiaries with Bundles of Hope Packages. Complete the Bundles of Hope with Canned Goods by SHARING YOUR TREASURE through the iVolunTree!

By SHARING YOUR TREASURE, you are creating more moments for them to spend as a family over a good Christmas meal. PAC aims to reach more beneficiaries and the complete set of the Bundles of Hope will be distributed to 50 families residing in Brgy. 128 (Old Smokey Mountain). Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card.

You have the opportunity to be a blessing to others this Christmas time. Let us always remember that the kindness we bestow upon others will find its way to us a hundredfold.

Progressive Assistance Canada

Dec 11, 2020


Abi Reyes



Goal: Php 5,250


Php 5,250 more donations needed