Bearbrand Milk for Heart Warriors

Volunteerism | Dec 11, 2020 | Donation Program

The very essence of Christmas is love, sharing, and being there for one another. Since we could not conduct physical activities to spend time with our beneficiaries, the least we could do right now is to ensure that they will have a wonderful time celebrating it with their families.

You can make the Heart Warriors kids happier this Christmas by providing Noche Buena Packs to their families. Complete the Noche Buena Pack with Powdered Milk (320g) by SHARING YOUR TREASURE through the iVolunTree! Let us work together in spreading love to the homes of these families spending their Christmas together even in this difficult time. 

You can make that happen for them while STAYING SAFE AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card. Not only will you make their stomachs full, but also their hearts.

Heart Warriors

Dec 11, 2020


Abi Reyes



Goal: Php 7,000


Php 6,950 more donations needed