#KAPONDITAPON: Spay and Neuter to Save Lives

Animal Welfare | May 31, 2021 | Donation Program

Stray dogs and cats are a problem all around the country. They live on a day-to-day  basis, always vulnerable to physical abuse, vehicular accidents, animal fights, illnesses and subject to  starvation. They also make the streets unsafe for pedestrians because they may be carriers of rabies and  may attack or bite pedestrians unpredictably. As a consequence, people tend to abuse, kill or throw  away stray (or domesticated) dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, which is against the Animal Welfare Act  (RA 8485). 

To address one root cause of the growing number of stray cats and dogs and instances of animal abuse,  BARK Mission actively promotes the #spayandneutersaveslives and #kaponditapon advocacies. Although  kapon is a humane way to control the stray animal population, the surgery is expensive and may range  anywhere from PHP 600 to PHP 15,000 per animal. This makes it unattractive or undoable for many  citizens, who would otherwise want to have their animal spayed/neutered. 

The funds from this campaign will be used for BARK Mission's regular “Kapon Missions” which benefit indigent dog and cat owners, and stray cats and dogs. The funds will be used to cover the costs of the transportation, surgery and take home medicines after the surgery.

You can extend your hand to them by SHARING YOUR TREASURE WHILE STAYING AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card so you can inspire hope. Your act of generosity could ripple into more acts of love by saving lives of our furry friends.


Organization Background 

BARK Mission Inc. is a start-up animal rescue and “kapon” non-profit that envisions an animal friendly  culture amongst Filipinos where no stray cat or dog is left behind. Our mission is to promote and work  with Filipino artists and animal lovers to efficiently rescue, rehab and rehome stray or neglected cats  and dogs, and promote spay and neuter efforts to create a safe environment for both people and  animals to live in. 

BARK Mission Inc.

May 31, 2021


Abi Reyes




Goal: Php 52,500


Php 44,000 more donations needed