AKLAYA: Mobile Classroom and Library for Students

Education | Feb 10, 2021 | Donation Program

Unfortunately, many parents are now resorting to stopping their children's education for this school year due to the challenges experienced in teaching their children at  home. This is where Kwentuhan Series wants to extend its impact and help students continue their education amidst pandemic. To grow more literate children and include their families to support and value their education. 

Through this campaign, Kwentuhan Series wants to launch AKLAYA:  (1) AKLATANG MALAYA, a micro mobile library that will be managed by parents/families  under the program and (2) ANG KLASRUM NA MALAYA, a mobile classroom (with  wheels) where materials for teaching will be kept and brought to the homes of the  Kwentuhan families. We also provide 120 students with learning kits.

You can extend your hand to them by SHARING YOUR TREASURE WHILE STAYING AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card so you can bring hope to these. Your act of generosity could ripple into more acts of love by giving them a chance of a better future. 


Organization Background

Kwentuhan Series is an advocacy group based in Paete, Laguna that aims to help children develop and improve their reading  skills as well as their appreciation of books and of reading through storytelling. Kwentuhan Series aims to continue its advocacy even during the pandemic.  Education never stops, even in the confines of the children’s homes. It also believes that  no child should be left behind. 


Kwentuahan Series is part of iVolunteer's Social Innovation Challenge 2020.


Kwentuhan Series

Feb 10, 2021


Abi Reyes




Goal: Php 30,000


Php 27,500 more donations needed