The School Microfarm Project

Agriculture & Food Security | Dec 31, 2021 | Donation Program

The future of food security depends on the anticipated participation of the urban communities especially youth and women in food and agriculture. Without the next generation of food producers, securing food for the future will be a great challenge. It is in this premise that the Kids Who Farm, a Zamboanga City-based social start-up and advocacy initiative that aims to inspire future farmers by educating the youth on the importance and value of food and farming. Kids Who Farm endeavors to influence kids and youth to better appreciate the beauty of food production through fun and easy learning sessions, exciting and educational farm visits, inspirational farmer encounters and the establishment of food gardens as learning sites.

 The School Microfarm Project will integrate urban agriculture technologies such as vertical barrel garden planters, hydroponics and containerized production to optimize the productivity of limited space while teaching the school children the basics of urban vegetable production and marketing. By utilizing otherwise idle public-school spaces into productive microfarms, the project will provide access to vegetables in urban communities showcasing effective urban agriculture technologies.

The project will contribute greatly in providing local access and stable supply of vegetables for the urban community so that they no longer rely on imported produce from other areas. The microfarm will instill in the minds of the school children that there is a sustainable livelihood opportunity in growing vegetables at an early stage since they will derive income from the sales of their produce will learning urban vegetable production technologies.

Let's raise fund for the establishment of two (2) urban hydroponics set up for the two (2) target school microfarms. You can extend your hand to them by SHARING YOUR TREASURE WHILE STAYING AT HOME. Treasure Volunteering allows you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card so we can support the establishment of school microfarms for the kids to have a greener and healthier future. 


Kids Who Farm is part of iVolunteer's Social Innovation Challenge 2020.

Kids Who Farm

Dec 31, 2021


Abi Reyes



Goal: Php 25,893


Php 20,100 more donations needed