Watch Toddler Blossom (WTB) Program

| Feb 28, 2022 | Donation Program

Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC) through its Watch Toddler Blossom (WTB) program has been making sure that underprivileged kids in Tondo, Manila get the nourishment that a child’s growing body crucially needs. PAC has seen a number of malnourished and underweight kids blossom into healthy and well-nourished kids since the launch of WTB.

With 27 pesos a day per day from its sponsors, WTB provides nutritional supplemental packages (powdered milk, vitamins and cereal – age dependent) every 4 weeks to its beneficiaries. A healthy mind and body means so much amid an ongoing pandemic much more to kids at a critical developmental stage.

Due to the financial constraints brought by the pandemic, some toddlers under the program lost their regular sponsors. This campaign is meant to fill that gap. The donations that will be collected through this will be used to cover for the nutritional needs of Neji (2 years old), Rahela (3 years old), and Ivan (2 years old). 

Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC) a Canadian-based Charitable Organization (Registered Charity) operating in the Philippines as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), seeking to alleviate the cycle of poverty in the most vulnerable and disenfranchised Filipino Barangays, or communities. Addressing the root causes of the cycle of poverty, our programs are based on collaborative holistic systems-based approaches crafted to maximize sustainable development and Barangay self-sufficiency.

Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC)

Feb 28, 2022


Abigail Reyes



Goal: Php 10,000


Php 2,000 more donations needed