Tanglaw 4 Every Juan: Light Homes with Solar

Community Development, Electrification & Energy | Feb 01, 2022 | Donation Program

SOLAR Hope is an NGO that aims to provide solar and sustainable solutions to marginalized  communities in the Philippines. Its mission is to light communities, change lives, and give hope to people  living without electricity. 

Project Tanglaw is our electrification project that aims to light homes through solar that would  help improve their quality of life and cope with the pandemic. Since 2017, we have lighted and become  beacons of hope to 5 communities and 434 homes. 

For Tanglaw Batch 4, we are looking to light 200 homes in Rizal with the campaign title  “Tanglaw 4 Every Juan”. The main objective is to eventually leave no Filipino without access to energy.  This project is also in partnership with Women of Global Change Philippines (WGC), Access  to Energy for Communities (ATE Co.) and Brighter Future for the Next Generation. 

SOLAR Hope aims to light 200 more homes; 50 homes will be lighted with solar home  systems and 150 homes will be lighted with solar lanterns. Here’s the breakdown of communities to be  included under Tanglaw Batch 4: 

➢ Sitio Cinapuin, Calawis, Antipolo, Rizal: 30 Households 

➢ Sitio Canumay, San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal: 20 Households 

➢ New community (Still looking for potential communities): 150 Households 

It will have an adopt-a-family sponsorship under “Light One’s Home. Light One’s Life” program. Beneficiaries will get to choose what families they would want to support then regular updates  specific to that family and how it impacted their lives will also be provided to the donor. Donors has  the option to choose if they will either sponsor: 

Solar Home System – P5000/unit 

Solar Lantern – P3000/unit 

Any amount that they are willing to give 

For the Treasure Volunteer Campaign, we are raising 

10-15 families or around P50,000



Feb 01, 2022


Abi Reyes




Goal: Php 50,000


Php 42,000 more donations needed