Solar Home Systems for Dumagat Families

Electrification & Energy | Dec 24, 2021 | Donation Program

With the continued growth of the number of households in the Philippines, there are still communities that do not have adequate, secured, or continuous access to electricity, thereby limiting their opportunities to take advantage of the various benefits brought by electricity access towards our daily lives.

SOLAR (Sustainable Outreach and Lifelong Advocacy to Rekindle) Hope’s advocacy is to provide solar and sustainable solutions to marginalized and poorly electrified communities in the country. With their ongoing “Tanglaw 4 Every Juan” project, the organization aims to light a total of 400 homes in Rizal. In line with this, SOLAR Hope’s wish is to receive Solar Home Systems, which provide clean, sustainable power solutions that help these communities gain needed electricity access.

You can still volunteer and work together with SOLAR Hope towards achieving their mission, even while staying at home! Through Treasure Volunteering, you can continue to make a positive impact by allowing you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card, so you can shine light and provide more opportunities to these communities.

By sharing your treasure with SOLAR Hope, you will contribute to fulfilling their wish of securing 10 units of Solar Home Systems for 10 Dumagat families from Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal. Implementation of the solar home systems set-up is scheduled to be completed by 2022 Q1. Let us share with SOLAR Hope and its beneficiary communities a light of hope this Christmas season by imparting the gift of giving, and collectively work towards uplifting their lives and bring the hope of a bright future ahead.

Solar Hope

Dec 24, 2021





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