Vitamin C for Kids w/ Cancer/Chronic Illness

Health & Well-being | Dec 25, 2021 | Donation Program

Continuing the organization’s mission to assist and improve the quality of life for hospitalized children with cancer or chronic illnesses, having sufficient health-boosting and infection-prevention resources are important to keep the children safe, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Kythe Foundation’s wish of receiving Chewable Vitamin C for Kids, this will help support and build the children’s immune system when undergoing their regular treatment or going for their check-ups. Additionally, the organization’s wish of having Isopropyl Alcohol will help protect the children from different threats they may encounter, such as the COVID-19 virus.

You can still volunteer and support Kythe Foundation’s children even while staying at home! Through Treasure Volunteering, you can continue to make a positive impact by allowing you to donate either via Paypal or with your credit/debit card, so you can inspire hope and strength to these children.

By sharing your treasure with Kythe Foundation, this will go towards fulfilling their wish of securing 120 bottles/boxes of Chewable Vitamin C for Kids, and 20 gallons of Isopropyl Alcohol. Let us show our support to them this Christmas season by imparting the gift of giving, which enables us to continue collectively working towards promoting the children’s healing and growth.

Kythe Foundation

Dec 25, 2021





Goal: Php 25,000


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