2KK Smokey Mountain Community Kitchen

| Dec 25, 2021 | Donation Program

Smokey Mountain in Tondo Manila has been a partner community of 2KK since 2018. This area is an urban poor community wherein residents live in very small and crowded apartment buildings. The members of 2KK’s Smokey Mountain community are not just beneficiaries but are also an active partner of 2KK in serving the community. This was evident most especially during the pandemic since they served as 2KK’s frontliners. They are the ones receiving  donation deliveries, leading the distribution of food packs and preparing hot meals such as lugaw (porridge). They are volunteers themselves serving the Smokey Mountain community in their own ways.

The community leaders at Smokey Mountain continue to volunteer and prepare meals however the condition of the kitchen that they use currently makes it very difficult for them since the kitchen is very old, dilapidated and cramped. We hope that in this season of giving, you can help us complete this dream community kitchen for Smokey Mountain.

Everything from roofing, flooring, walls, door and kitchen lavatory will be newly built and the plan is for this to be operational by December 2021 in time for Christmas Noche Buena meals. Currently, cooking one batch of hot meals can serve up to 150 people. The end goal is to have at least 1,000 meals served weekly from this community kitchen. 2KK is also looking at empowering a handful of community leader cooks and granting this community kitchen dream living out the mission of making a change "one meal at a time" for years to come. 2KK is very excited in sharing this dream and we hope that you join us to make this a reality.

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2KK Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid

Dec 25, 2021






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