Storytelling Kits for Kwentuhan Series

| Dec 25, 2021 | Donation Program

Children learn best through creative storytelling, singing, dancing, playing and even doing simple crafts. It is essential to instill a love for reading at an early age in order for them to progress as needed in schools, eventually widening opportunities in the future. In each storybook opened by Kwentuhan Series, a child has gone to imaginary places and has met diverse characters that helped him/her relate, innovate and understand the world more. 

Kwentuhan Series would like to continue fulfilling their goal to enhance literacy through engaging them in reading and other activities. Their wish is to have 5 collapsible/foldable wagons, 5 sets of educational toys, 5 pieces of 64 gb flash drives, 5 pieces of portable bluetooth speakers (with USB port), 200 pieces of storybooks and coloring books, 200 pieces of board games and 100 pieces of plain white t-shirts for the Kwentuhan Kids. Some items will be added to their Project KKK bookcase, while the rest is to be given as gifts for Kwentuhan Series’ Star ng Pasko Christmas event. 

Christmas is one of the occasions that kids look forward to. Let’s add color to the Kwentuhan Kids’ stories by donating through iVolunteer’s channels. Help us open more books, opportunities and gifts in this season of giving. 

Help us and Alaska fulfill the wishlist of (Name of NGO) by visiting For every purchase of the Alaska Christmas bundles, portion of the proceeds will go directly to the beneficiary. Share your Alaga & Sobra this Christmas!

Kwentuhan Series

Dec 25, 2021





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