Medicines for Project Pearls Community

| Dec 25, 2021 | Donation Program

One way to ease the anxiety of life amidst a pandemic is by taking basic precautions and preparations available to us, such as stocking up on basic medicine supplies. But, what if money is tight and barely covers one’s day to day necessities? With your help, we can fill this gap for communities in need.

Project Pearls aims to protect their communities, frontliners, and team by providing much-needed medicines and first-aid supplies. Your donations will go towards purchasing paracetamol, cough medicines, diarrhea tablets, and other basic medicines as well as multivitamins. The money will also be used for procuring first aid kits as well as thermometers, oximeters, and boxes of face masks which are basic defense tools against COVID19.

With your donation, we can help offer a shield of protection for Project Pearls’ community. 

Project Pearls

Dec 25, 2021





Goal: Php 25,000


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