Electrify My World (EMW) - San Rafael Community

| Aug 31, 2022 | Donation Program

PAC is now gearing up to launch a new program called Electrify My World (EMW), which aims to provide electrification to impoverished communities in the Philippines that suffer from limited to no access to much-needed electricity supply.

Without our intervention, hard-to-reach Filipino communities in far-flung areas have to rely on old car batteries, kerosene or candles to light their homes. Apart from being environmental and safety hazards, these options are expensive for daily use, hence, many homes in such areas are left in the dark during the night, which has become the norm for many of these people.

In April 2022, PAC will launch our first project under the EMW program, which is set to provide solar lamps to the San Rafael Community, a remote community of approximately 50 homes located in the mountainous area of Rizal, approximately 2 hours east of Manila, Philippines. This project is aligned with our EMW’s objective of bringing the most affordable and appropriate electrification technology to the impoverished Filipino communities.

PAC plans to distribute and install the solar lamps in two separate events: 25 solar lamps in April 2022 and 25 in May 2022. 

Each solar lamp costs P4,500 and your donation of a solar lamp under our EMW program will provide a free and sustainable source of electricity for a home, and by reaching our goal of 50, assisting the San Rafael Community light their homes in a way that does not harm the environment, and for years to come.

Progressive Assistance Canada

Aug 31, 2022






Goal: Php 25,000


Php 15,500 more donations needed