30 Hiraya Kits for The Storytelling Project’s Kiddie Learners

Children & Youth, Education | Aug 31, 2022 | Donation Program

30 Hiraya Kits for The Storytelling Project’s Kiddie Learners


As part of its “Project Imagine'' campaign, The Storytelling Project (TSP) will distribute art and learning kits or Hiraya Kits to our community of learners in Masbate and Siargao.


Each kit costs PHP 500 and contains:

- one (1) story book

- one (1) activity booklet

- one (1) box of crayons

- one (1) drawing pad

- one (1) eraser

- one (1) ballpen

- one (1) pair of scissors, and

- two (2) pencils


Amount: 30 kits x 500 budget per kit = 15000


Project Imagine is TSP’s remote or online psychosocial support program for kids. TSP aims to help kids cope with the stress that the pandemic has brought upon while also hoping to instill the love for reading.


Along with the Hiraya Kits, TSP also provides online storytelling sessions, one-on-one or small group read-along sessions, and bi-monthly check-ins with the kids.


About The Storytelling Project:


The Storytelling Project (TSP) aims to spark hope, inspiration and imagination through storytelling; to make reading an enjoyable experience for children; to start a reading habit; and to instill the love of reading and learning in all our TSP kids. We’ve tirelessly crossed rivers and excitedly conquered mountains to reach remote communities – to bring our own brand of happy learning.

The Storytelling Project

Aug 31, 2022


Vin Dela Cruz




Goal: Php 15,000


Php 10,400 more donations needed