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Children & Youth, Education | Dec 23, 2022 | Donation Program

Developing a love for reading at an early age gives a child a head start not just in academics, but also in creativity, self-confidence and independence. Moreover, storytelling provides an enjoyable experience and connection between the reader and listener. These experiences bring a child into a world where possibilities that support critical, creative, collaborative and caring ideas are infinite. One of these possibilities is to cross mountains and rivers to tell a story, in which The Storytelling Project has already given life to. The amazing reach of The Storytelling Project (TSP) has helped communities to develop a culture of reading through their 3-phase program: Imagine, Create and Share.


For this Christmas, TSP would like to widen their reach more and provide a collection of books to our eager readers and storytellers. This collection includes 100 pieces each of Mahabang-Mahaba and Pilong Patago-Tago, and 50 pieces of Mahiyaing Manok. These books will be part of a Hiraya Kits that will be sent to the kids.


You can help TSP in fulfilling their wish to convey more stories this Christmas Season by donating through our channels. In this season of giving, help us provide happy learning through storybooks, possibilities and compassion!

The Storytelling Project

Dec 23, 2022


Jasmine Salem



Goal: Php 25,000


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