Sound System and Fan for Project PEARLS

Poverty Alleviation | Dec 23, 2022 | Donation Program

Every child deserves to grow up in an environment of good health, quality education and supportive community. Project PEARLS is a non-profit organization aiming to combat these challenges for the kids who are in the families affected by poverty. Project Pearls  strive to grow their network of sponsors and partners to raise resources through various fund-raising activities. This is to ensure that they are able to feed hundreds daily; to send to school as many children as possible; to improve the care and support for children and families with health issues, and to help the community have a sustainable livelihood program.


For this Christmas, Project Pearls would like to ask for help in having a speaker with amplifier, 8 ceiling orbit fans, 6 sets of rechargeable batteries and a megaphone. These items are greatly needed to equip the Hope Center of Project PEARLS in Helping Land, Tondo, Manila. These will help make various outreach events a more pleasant experience and make the space more conducive for learning activities and feeding programs for the children


With your donation, the Project Pearls venue is a step closer to a secure and conducive place for the children’s needs.

Project PEARLS

Dec 23, 2022


Jasmine Salem



Goal: Php 25,000


Php 0 more donations needed