Drop of Blood, Save A life 3.0

Children & Youth, Health & Well-being | Mar 31, 2023 | Donation Program

Drop of Blood, Save A life 3.0

Donations will be used to provide food for blood donors, NCH medical officials, and other staff who will assist us in preparing the event location. The funds will also be used for event necessities such as tarpaulins and souvenirs for blood donors.

This is Project Ulayaw's third bloodletting event at National Children's Hospital for patients, particularly children with cancer. In the past two events, we collaborate with other organizations and individuals to support the needs of this bloodletting activty. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you in raising funds for this event. We need to raise funds because we want to give back the blood donors' generosity and effort by providing them with food and small souvenirs. As tokens, we usually give them keychains and small gift packs. We also set up a mini photobooth for blood donors to take pictures in.

Project Ulayaw is a SEC registered nonprofit organization that aims to work with communities to improve child nutrition and health, care for the Earth, end hunger, and overcome hardship.  With the will to help and share, we are bound together with the same goal which is to accomplish good deeds and to widen our capacity to help other communities with their basic needs, education, financial assistance, and health concerns. 

Project Ulayaw: Above & Beyond

Mar 31, 2023


Dale John Suan




Goal: Php 25,000


Php 21,657 more donations needed