Toys, clothes, bags or school supplies for The Storytelling Project

Children & Youth, Education | Dec 23, 2023 | Donation Program

The Storytelling Project (TSP) aims to spark hope, inspiration, and imagination through storytelling; to make reading an enjoyable experience for children; to start a reading habit; and to instill the love of reading and learning in all TSP kids. TSP has tirelessly crossed rivers and excitedly conquered mountains to reach remote communities – to bring their own brand of happy learning.

TSP helps communities develop a culture of reading through their 3-phase program: IMAGINE. CREATE. SHARE.

IMAGINE - Build kids’ imagination through 21-Day Storytelling Program, a series of story writing sessions, and empower the community through training and seminars.

CREATE - Create avenues for exploring their newfound love for reading through the TSP Library Project.

SHARE - Share knowledge and experiences with the community through TSP Book Club activities.

Christmas Wish: Every year we ask our kids in our Navotas Community to draw or write their Christmas wishes. Most wishes are toys, clothes, bags or school supplies, but there are some unique ones like a Christmas tree (since their family never had one) or seedless grapes. It's one of our traditions to inspire and share hope to our kids by making them realize that their wishes can come true and there are people supporting them. We also give them storybooks related to Christmas as part of our advocacy of providing reading resources to our kids.

The Storytelling Project

Dec 23, 2023


Jasmine Salem



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