Projector for Media Educators of Mindanao

Education | Dec 23, 2023 | Donation Program

Media Educators of Mindanao is a growth-centered organization committed to educate media learners, consumers, creators, and educators in Mindanao on theories and principles that are reflective of conflict-sensitive media for active civic engagement towards an informed and just society.

MEM is the only Mindanao-based professional organization of media and communication teachers & practitioners with the advocacy of transforming Mindanao through media education.

Christmas Wish: Outdoor projector. To achieve the program’s #1 goal: accessibility of the films, we need to bring the films to where the participants are – in their schools and communities. Most of the time, the target schools and communities do not have the proper Audio-Visual equipment for these film showing activities.

Media Educators of Mindanao

Dec 23, 2023


Jasmine Salem



Goal: Php 25,000


Php 25,000 more donations needed