Tag-ulan sa AKLAYA

Children & Youth, Education | May 31, 2024 | Donation Program

Let us help Kwentuhan Series on their program Tag-ulan sa AKLAYA: Umuulan ng Biyaya sa Munting Aklatan

The funds will be used to:

  • primarily buy additional shelf/shelves that will be used to store/display the remaining books still in boxes, so they can be seen, read, and borrowed by our readers.
  • install a temporary roof / covering in the open space of the library to prepare for the rainy season in May and onwards.
  • purchase school supplies and/or hygiene kits that will be distributed to our registered readers as preparation for the opening of the new school year
  • add educational toys and materials for children that can be used in the library
  • replenish food and other items as rewards for our avid readers and visitors in the library for their sustained motivation to read books and to visit the library regularly
  • fund our special monthly programs for the kids such as seminars and workshops (for food and the needed materials)

This program will benefit the 200+ registered children readers of AKLAYA: Aklatang Malaya Community Library and young professional borrowers in Paete, Laguna. These readers and borrowers are from the nine barangays in Paete. 

Kwentuhan Series

May 31, 2024


Celine Anne C. Delos Reyes




Goal: Php 25,000


Php 22,500 more donations needed