Mangrove Tree Planting Aug 19 Sunday

Environment & Sustainability | Aug 19, 2018 | Volunteer Event

Mangrove Plant Trees for Climate Change Adaptation
1. Nursing ground for fish, prawns, crabs and support fisheries Production in coastal waters.
2. Produce leaf litter, which are valuable source of food for animals in estuaries and coastal waters.
3. Protect the environment by Protecting the coastal areas and communities from storm surges, waves, rogue waves, tidal currents and typhoons
4. Produce organic biomass (carbon) and reduce organic pollution in near shore areas by trapping or absorption.
5. Serve as recreational grounds for bird watching and observation of other wildlife
6. Source of wood and timber and nipa shingles for houseing materials, firewood and charcoal, and of poles for fish traps.
7. Source of livelihood by selling the mangrove seeds and propagules for the corporate social responsibilities.
8. Source of meal like crustaceans, mollusks and fish can be harvested
9. Source of Medicine, tannin and alcohol
10. Area for learning for Environment Education for Students, Tourist, Political Leaders and Tourism Providers 
11. Area for Environment Endeavors by mangrove & coastal clean up.
12. Source of bigger fishing profit
13. Protects the ocean/sea as barrier or filter for soil erosion or flash flood from the land.
14. Prevent Soil Erosion
15. They regulate micro-climate and temperature.
16. Magrove is a trash catcher to prevent plastics to go out to the sea and bottom of the ocean
ITINERARY Low Tide Schedule
01:00 PM Assembly at Pasay Taft LRT
01;30 PM ETD for Calatagan
04:00 PM ETA Calatagan, Community Orientation, Mangrove Ecosystem and Conservation 
05:00 PM Coastal Clean Up
06:00 PM Mangrove Tree Planting
07:00 PM Dinner with the Fisher Folks
08:00 PM End of Activities
10:30 PM ETA Manila
  • Mangrove Propagules
  • Lunch
  • RT Van 
  • Coordinator 
  • Digital Certificate of Conservation
  • Social Media Promotion 
  1. Saturday Schedule of Departure is Subject to CHANGE according to the LOW tide schedule of the Sea
  2. Book and Buy First come first serve reservation w P 500/pax reservation deposit
  3. Guaranteed Minimun departure every Saturday is 10 pax, otherwise will reschedule until a group of 10 is formed

Calatagan Batangas

Aug 19, 2018

01:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Nature Awareness and Conservation Club Inc

Violeta C. Imperial



Goal: 12


9 more volunteers needed

Event Done