Pasay Pups' Kids' Program

Children & Youth | Nov 23, 2019 | Volunteer Event

*There is no cost to volunteers for this opportunity*


The Pasay Pups Kids’ Program operates weekly in Sarhento Mariano Cemetery in Pasay. The children in this area live in severe poverty and some do not attend school. Many families are food poor, and there is no running water in the cemetery. The mission of the kids’ program is to provide the children in this area with a positive space where they can learn, be happy and confident, and just be kids. The coordinator will prepare activities each week that develop the children’s skills in art, math, writing and reading. We want them to learn essential and practical skills that will help them throughout their life. As we go through the lessons, we will encourage the kids to ask questions, and solve simple and complex problems. We also want to inspire them to dream, find their passion, become independent, be happy, show compassion and be a better person.


We will meet at 9:30am next to the fire truck and RCBC ATM inside Genesis Bus Station, EDSA corner Taft, directly across from Metropoint Mall. If you are using Waze or Grab, the pin is Genesis Transport Pasay. The station is very near to MRT Taft Ave. station or LRT EDSA station. Once we have assembled there, we will have a short orientation in the bus station area and then proceed together to the cemetery where the kids’ program will occur (the cemetery is just a short walk from there).

Important note: We respectfully ask that volunteers do not arrive late, as we cannot start the briefing until everyone is in attendance. Late volunteers delay our work and mean that we are able to spend less time working with the children. Please text 0918-669-0829 if you are late, or if you cannot make it for any reason. If you have signed-up for the program and fail to show up without notifying Ashley, you will not be permitted to join the program in the future. This is a volunteer-run program, and we rely on every single person to show up, on time, to a volunteering shift they have committed to.


Volunteers are asked to dress conservatively to keep the attention focused on the work that we’re doing. Shorts – unless they reach the knee – are not permitted. Skirts, overly revealing tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, leggings or exercise pants (unless your rear is fully covered by a long top), are also not permitted. The best attire is pants and a t-shirt, however conservative tank tops are also fine. Please ensure that you can get dirty in whatever clothes you wear. Any type of close-toed shoes are permitted, but trainers are preferred as they allow you to run and play easily with the kids during active games. It is recommended to wear sunscreen and bring a hat as there will be times that we’ll be playing outside in the sun. Please be prepared for rainy weather! The program runs rain or shine. If it’s raining, it’s a good idea to bring a rain coat, ensure your bag is waterproof, and bring or wear sandals or rubber boots as your shoes may get wet in puddles. Please do not bring large or flashy bags with you, as there is nowhere to store them – we recommend a small backpack, or storing your valuables in a waist pack.


The essentials are water (though you can also easily buy water at the bus station). You may also want to bring extra sunscreen, tissue (there is none in the bathrooms), and a small towel to wipe away sweat.


  • If a child is different in any way (ie. gay, overweight, has large ears), DO NOT draw attention to that or tease them about it. Demonstrate love and acceptance of every child exactly as they are.
  • Do not show pity or disgust towards the living conditions or hygiene of the children.


Photos are not permitted until the program is finished at 2pm. Most people in the area – especially the children – are happy to have their photo taken. However, please avoid taking photos in emotionally charged situations, or if children are not fully clothed.  


As a precaution, we recommend that all volunteers obtain pre-exposure vaccinations for rabies. The vast majority of animals in the area are vaccinated against rabies, however, we suggest that volunteers obtain pre-exposure inoculations as a precaution. If you are bitten or scratched, post-exposure vaccines are much more costly if you have not obtained pre-exposure shots. In the Philippines, affordable pre-exposure vaccinations can be obtained at: Live Care, 1110 P. Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila (514-1125, 0966-718-7286). Please note that volunteers are responsible for acquiring the correct pre- and post-exposure inoculations. 


Meeting place: inside Genesis Bus Station, EDSA corner Taft (directly across from Metropoint Mall), Pasay City

Nov 23, 2019

09:30 AM - 02:00 PM

Pasay Pups

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