Mangrove Tree planting joining June 25 Sat

| Jun 19, 2022 | Volunteer Event

Blessed day Volunteers 

Thank you very much in advance for your social media time to support the livelihood of the marginalized fishing and upland communities, save the environment, and secure a sustainable healthy future. 

Tree Planting Benefits

  1. A Healthy Forest means a healthy society and future
  2. Alleviate the climate change impact and increase in biodiversity
  3. Additional livelihood for the marginalized coastal and Upland farm communities
  4. Healing and rehabilitation from pandemic
  5. Educational venue for the volunteers via webinar
  6. Great for the mental health of the volunteer tree planters.
  7. Prevent soil erosions, coastal flooding, and ocean pollution
  8. Coastal PROTECTION from Storm Surge, sea-level rise, and tsunami
  9. Healthy Mangroves Forest has so much Oxygen and absorbs all the air pollution.

June 19, 2022 Sunday Tree Planting in Celebration of Biodiversity Month and World Turtle Conservation

Registration Fee is P 777/pax inc Seedlings, Boat like cruising, really healthy snacks, Local guide and Individual certificate of conservation and social responsibility. 


First come first serve because it is limited to 37 pax. The reservation fee is P 500 Call 09155101600 or PM Photos at 
 Will give the full details to those who made the reservation via BDO or Landbank

Please do not hesitate to contact us. It’s our pleasure to help with your CSR needs with tender loving care. 

Stay safe, happy, and healthy

Carpe Diem


Brgy San Rafael , Noveleta Cavite

Jun 19, 2022

01:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Nature Awareness and Conservation Club Inc

Violeta Imperial



Goal: 37


33 more volunteers needed

Event Done