2KK Kapatid Values Formation Session - July 9 Payatas

Children & Youth, Community Development, Education, Volunteerism | Jul 09, 2022 | Volunteer Event

Hi Kaps!

After over two (2) years, face-to-face 2KK Kapatid Values Formation Sessions are back! Our YAPAK Leaders (scholars), Kapatid Tutees, and fellow volunteers are all excited to see you again in our three communities: Payatas, Sampaloc, and Smokey Mountain. Together, we will review our 6 Kapatid Loves!


IMPORTANT: Official Registration Form

To register, please accomplish this form: https://bit.ly/yestovolunteerkapatid2kk


(Maximum of 10 confirmed volunteers will be accommodated per session)

*Please note that 2KK will provide the final confirmation if you are part of the 10 volunteers included in the session, an additional 5 slots was placed particularly in the iVolunteer website in case there are volunteers who back out or do not confirm. Again, the official registration will be followed for the maximum 10 volunteers to be accommodated per session.

For registered volunteers, we will be reaching out to you for more details! Meet-up and carpool options are subject to availability of volunteer guides/drivers. Please note that only fully vaccinated individuals for COVID-19 are allowed to participate in the sessions so kindly bring a copy of your vaccination card.

1. Confirmation from 2KK is required before attending the session
2. Please stay at home if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, advise 2KK if you have to cancel
3. Wearing of mask is required during the session; Please be mindful of social distancing
4. Simple lunch will be provided, please bring own water and set of tupperware/utensils
5. Other things to bring: Vaccination card, extra shirt, umbrella and alcohol

For inquiries, contact Migi Lapid at 09053948411 or hello@kapwakapatid.org.


2KK Email: hello@kapwakapatid.org

2KK Website: https://www.kapwakapatid.com/

2KK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tulongsakapwakapatid

2KK IG: https://www.instagram.com/kapwakapatid/

Payatas, Quezon City

Jul 09, 2022

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

2KK Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation

Migi Lapid (2KK)




Goal: 15


11 more volunteers needed

Event Done