Reading Books and Story Telling

Children & Youth, Education | Apr 06, 2024 | Volunteer Event

Make reading fun! 

We organize regularly a Street Library in a very poor community in Paco, Manila. The main objectives of Street Libraries (SL) are:

   • to create meaningful educational activities for kids and community through partnership of volunteers and particularly of community members, who are committed as well in the activities,

   • to give the kids a nice venue which is different from school, where they are not judged but encouraged to learn,

   • not to teach the kids but try to find a way to stimulate the kid's creativity based on books and activities,

   • to point out the positive things we notice among the children, in the family or more widely in the community, rather than focusing on the problems that people would usually look at.

We ask you to speak Tagalog as a way to be able to interact with the children. You can read to the children but also do the story telling or participate in an arts and craft activity. The children love to meet new people!


1225 Labores St Pandacan Manila

Apr 06, 2024

01:00 PM - 05:30 PM

ATD Fourth World Philippines

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Goal: 15


12 more volunteers needed

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